Why does the US need alternative energy sources?



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    The US imports almost 10,000 barrels of oil a day. Oil dependency ties us to potentially hostile foreign powers that hold sway over our policy decisions. Oil is also a dirty fossil fuel. The US generates about half of its electricity from dirty coal power plants, spewing CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and harming the environment. Environmental concerns are a major reason to switch to renewable alternative energy sources. Another big reason is the desire to stop being dependent on Middle East oil. It is crucial to our national security to be able to produce all of our own electricity and fuel. Coal is a home grown energy source, but it is one we should avoid at all costs, because the damage to the environment and health of citizens is extensive.

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    One reason is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil so that we can generate all our power domestically. The other reasons impact all nations and are not issues specific to the US. Alternative energy sources will improve air quality and reduce pollution-related illnesses including asthma and cancer. It will reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and help slow down global warming. Another reason is that fossil fuels such as coal and oil are finite, nonrenewable resources. Eventually, they will run out and we will need to find some other way to derive our power. It would be best if this new fuel could be easily created from renewable resources so that we don’t have to worry about depleting reserves.

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