Why does the temperature always decrease as you go higher?



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    Temperature decreases as altitude increases because gravity is weakest at the edge of the atmosphere. As altitude increases, the atmosphere loses air molecules and the heat that is associated with it. Another factor is geothermal activity, which dictates that the surface of the planet is warmer than high altitudes because the earth retains heat in a slow-cook mode, which causes higher elevations to be cooler.

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    Pressure is much lower at higher altitudes than it is at lower ones, getting mower and lower the higher you go. Fluids are comprised of both liquids and gasses, and the air operates much like the ocean in terms of pressure and altitude.

    Temperature is a measure of how fast particles are moving, and at lower pressures, the air particles move much more slowly.

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    Most sunlight filters through the atmosphere to the earth’s surface, is absorbed by the surface of the earth, and then the surface of the earth heats the atmosphere from the earth’s surface up.

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    While everything the other answers say is correct, the temperature does not ALWAYS decrease with elevation. See the link.

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    What is very interesting, is that the atmosphere is divided by temperature change. Depending on where you are, is how warm or cool it is. So yes, all above answers are correct, and the answer about how the temperature doesn’t ALWAYS decrease with elevation.

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