Why does sulfur leak out of volcanoes?



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    The sulfur dioxide that is emmitted from volcanoes is a type of eruption.  Rather than flowing lava and ash, the active lava is producing sulfur dioxide that then steams up from the volcano.  Though this isnt as dangerous as the lava, it can cause its own problems.  Sulphur dioxide can make breathing very difficult, meaning that the population around the volcano may be forced to stay inside more than average.  Also, once the sulphur dioxide is emmitted, it can later become acid rain that ruins crops and fields.

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    There are different elements which form inside volcanos, sulfur being one of them.  Sulfur will take the form of gas (sulfur dioxide) and leak out due to the magma containing dissolved sulfur within it.  The gases are compressed when deep inside volcanos, but as they rise to the surface, they expand.  Sometimes, dissolved sulfur can leak out of a volcano while the magma remains underground. 

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