Why does soup taste better as left overs?



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    There has been more time for the flavors of the soup ingredients to meld, creating a different tasting soup than if it were fresh. Some may think it taste better, some may think it worse, but reheating soup is a great thing during winter months.

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    There’s not really a scientific answer to this.  Simply, the longer soup sits, the more each ingredient can soak it’s flavor into the broth.  Some soups idealy sit for 2 to 3 days before consumption. 

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    I never really noticed that before.  I think soup tastes great both fresh and left over.  Maybe it’s because the spices have seeped in a little longer?  It’s probably just a taste preference thing.

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    It depends, but if you’re using a blend of spices, it takes longer for those spices to meld properly.  The same goes for certain dips and sauces where it may take a few days for the flavors to sink in.  Garlic, for example, tastes much different in a dip the second you make it than it does two days later or even overnight.  Generally, it tastes better after permeating the soup or dip for a day, but that should be left up for debate. 

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