Why does soda explode when it gets too hot in a car?



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    Heat will make the water molecules expand, eventually making the can burst if it is exposed to heat for too long. In addition, if it freezes, the solid ice of the soda will expand, and usually also burst out of the can as well.

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    It doesn’t. This is one of the myths busted by the Mythbusters. Soda won’t explode because of heat alone unless it’s heated over 300 degrees. That probably won’t happen in your car. However, the reason pressure increases in soda cans when they are heated is the liquid is evaporating into gas, and that gas is expanding.

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      Mythbusters aren’t the end all be all. If you look a little further, you will find countless stories of people experiencing bursting cans in their cars from heat. http://community.discovery.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/9401967776/m/7651983019/r/53419652401

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      I’m with the Mythbusters on this one. They tested it twice, which I trust a lot more than the anecdotal evidence of people in an online forum. And anyway, we’re talking about cans exploding from heat alone. The soda exploding in these people’s cars could have been shaken or dropped first.

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      Okay, so maybe I am just a little skeptical of mythbusters and was quick to jump on your answer given that you made reference to their show. For that, I apologize. Your answer is still better than benz’s IMO because you offer some evidence to back it up, whether or not I entirely buy it, I suppose, is irrelevant.

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      I don’t know if mythbusters is correct or not, as you pointed out there are other factors but… I have had a soda can blow up in my car and I have all the brown marks on my headliner to prove it. Soda baked into a headliner for a few hours unfortunately doesn’t come out. 🙂

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