Why does so much waste and dangerous chemicals end up in the arctic?



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    A question similar to this was posted awhile ago. Someone under the screen name of “Peacefully” asked how mercury ends up in the arctic ice. My answer was:

    Mercury in the arctic ice can come from the emissions of coal-burning power plants. These emissions from plants located in southern latitudes drift into the Northern Arctic and remain there, which ends up polluting the arctic ice.

    A deadly chain effect happens when the ice melts and gets into the systems of the fish in the area. These poisoned fish are eaten by seals. Unfortunately, people who eat seal meat also end up consuming the toxic mercury initially ingested by the fish. Mercury poisoning can then lead to damage in the nervous system.

    Citations: http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2009/05/04/tech-090504-seal-meat-mercury.html

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