Why does smoking turn our lungs black?



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    Smoking turns our lungs black because the tar in it accumulates in the lungs, clogging it up and preventing them from distributing oxygen properly. This damages your ability to get enough oxygen terribly, so avoid smoking if you don’t, and try to quit if you do.

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    The tar in cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, any inhaled substance is a backronym for “Total Aerosol Residue”.  The ‘tar’ is not the same tar as in road construction material, however it is the residue of all toxic chemicals that are being inhaled.  You can see the tar on the butt of the cigarette, and imagine that sticky residue on your soft lung tissue.  This ‘tar’ building up as layers on lung tissue is what causes the dark discoloration of lungs.

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    A combination of two different but equally disturbing factors contributes to the typical black lungs found in your average smoker. One, the tar-like ooze caused by the carcinogens and other chemicals inhaled into the lungs along with the smoke sticks to and covers the lung walls. Two, dead lung tissue (killed by an overdose of smoke which keeps red blood cells from fully oxygenating the lung tissue) coalesces and helps bind the “tar” to the lung wall, over time creating a greater percentage of black lung than pink lung. Eventually, of course, there’s too much black lung for the remaining healthy pink lung to support, and respiratory failure ensues.

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    Smoking leaves gooey tar deposits in your lung, if you are a frequent smoke the tar deposits build up. As the tar deposits build up, they slowly color your lungs black.

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