Why does a single child born in the United States have a greater effect on the environment than 12 or more children born in a developing country?



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    Organizations or individuals wanting to make a difference need to be funded, united, and have the ability to reach a mass number of people to be successful.  Children born in developed countries have ready access to education, technology, and means of action.  Developing countries have issues such as clean water supplies, medical treatments, and even war to take up most of the resources and time of the people living there.

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    A child in the U.S. also has a greater negative impact. In America, we use cars every day for transportation. Our houses are often made of irreplaceable materials. We use tons of electricity and energy. These all have a great toll on the environment. On the other hand, a families in developing countries are often too poor to afford cars that pollute the environment or to use lots of electricity. They build their houses out of recycled materials or the mud/nature around them. This has virtually no impact on the environment. In addition, families in developing countries have lots of children so that hopefully they can go to work and bring more money to the family. Families in America have fewer children. This throws the proportion of how many people living in a house vs. how many in a hut way off so that the single human in the resource wasting house is much more damaging than the many children in a mud house has no effect.

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    To echo duckyduh’s comment in another way: Americans are the greatest consumers of resources on the planet. 307 million Americans use nearly a quarter of all the world’s oil. At 19.6 million barrels per day, that’s 588 million barrels per month, or 2 barrels per person per month. The rest of the world, 6500 million, uses the other 65 million barrels per day, or almost 2,000 million barrels per month, or three-tenths of a barrel per person per month. So the average American – including newborn babies – uses 7 times as much oil as any other person everywhere else (including Europe, Japan, Angola – everywhere in total).

    Even though China is becoming the world leader in total consumption of some commodities, such as coal and copper, the US remains the per capital consumption leader for most resources.


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    Its all about your Eco Footprint. This a measure of how many planets it would take to accommodate everyone in the world if they lived like you do. The average american takes 7.1 planets!! It’s rated on consumption, travel, use of fossil fuels, the type of food you eat, transportation, etc. In under developed countries, people often have to count on themselves for resources or get food from somewhere close by, they dont travel, dont drive, dont consume very much etc. 

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