Why does salt water evaporate more water than fresh water?

Need to know quickly. Thanks again!



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    Since you need to know quickly – and your question seems to be not quite worded correctly (you may be asking why does salt water or fresh water evaporate more ‘quickly” than the other?) I would suggest starting with a wkipedia or overall google search and go from there.

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    According to the link below, more fresh water evaporates than salt water in the same amount of time due to the salt blocking the water molecules.  The article uses a nice metaphor of trying to get out of a crowded room (having to move around all the people) verses getting out of an empty room.

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    Add salt to water and bring it to a boil then check the temperature and then compare that temperature vs the temperature required to boil fresh water.

    Seawater is about 1 liter of water and 35 grams of salt.

    Adding salt to water increases the boiling point and reduces the freezing point. This is why salt is put on icy roads and why you throw it in your pasta water. It’s just harder to get salt water to freeze and boil. The above citation from mle is pretty good, but below is a bit more technical.

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