why does salt kill earth worm when we pour it on them?



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    Earth worms die when salt is poured on them because high salt concentration destroys their sensitive skin. The skin of the earth worm is used to secrete mucous. This allows for its skin to stay moist needed for its survival. Because earthworms have no respiratory organ, respiration takes place through their skin. When enough salt is poured over them it causes their neurosecetory cells to break down and disrupts the respiration process.

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    Salt is a desiccant (so it absorbs water) and when it’s placed on worms (or slugs or leeches), the water within them is drawn to the salt and worms die of dehydration. 

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    Salt dehydrates so it wicks moisture from the worms.  They require the moist covering to survive so simply put, it dries them out.

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