Why does the Republican Party oppose discount climate science?



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    The Republican Party fears that discounting climate change science will throw the world economies into the biggest form of bankruptcy ever known.  The calculations proposed by some economists are preposterous.  They’re not figuring in the facts that this science will explode into enormous developments, which will grow into big money making ventures, and the fact that the world NEEDS this development.  If no one can afford to spend because of higher prices, the research cannot be accomplished; it’s as simple as that.

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    The Republican Party supports an extreme version of “free market economics.” According to this economic theory, the fewer restrictions and regulations on business, the stronger economic growth will be.  In the past 20 years they’ve taken this to a new extreme, and believe virtually ANY kind of regulation AT ALL is bad.  

    Because environmental measures usually require putting restrictions on business, the Republican Party almost universally disapproves of them, and fights them tooth and nail. Global warming is no exception, which is a shame considering how much damage it’s already causing around the world.

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