Why does the rainforest have so many resources?



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    The rainforest has the resources it does because it is very biodiverse. 

    “Biodiversity is a term biologists and ecologists use to describe biotic variety – numbers of animal and plant species, the richness of gene pools and living ecosystems. Plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates, bacteria and fungi live together with non-living elements like soil, water and air to make a functioning ecosystem. A tropical rainforest is the world’s most spectacular example of a living ecosystem and the ultimate in biodiversity.”

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    Rainforests are the most biologically diverse land areas on our earth.  This biodiversity is possible because of the year-long ideal growing conditions for bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals alike to flourish.  With such consistent sun and rain, natural resources are abundant.  Along with abundance of resources, we have an abundance of wildlife, and this is where the industrial world and the natural world are waging one of their biggest wars.  At one time rainforest accounted for 14% of the land surface on earth, we are left with only 6% land area occupied by rainforest.  Government, logging companies, and local farmers are deforesting the forests at an alarming rate of one and one-half acre every second.  Predictions have the rainforest being completely decimated at this rate by 2050.  

    Find out what you can do to help save the rainforest here.

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