Why does rain all the time make people depressed?



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    Constant rain can lead to seasonal affective disorder.  This is a type of depression that is brought on by winter or gloomy weather.  It is related to the lack of sunlight.  It can be treated with light therapy and negative air ionization.

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    During the winter months people can be effected by what is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD causes people to have low energy and mood swings typically during the winter months. It often onsets in the fall and continues during the winter. It can be treated by light therapy (exposure to special light that has the effect the sun does), psychotherapy and medication. 

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    Continual rain also limits what people can do, and many choose to stay inside.  This can lead to a disconnect with nature.  Nature has proven healing affects, so if you take away the source, you take away a form of healing.

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    The main reason is perhaps that people in rainy environments are getting enough vitamin D, which is normally obtained naturally from sunlight. Vitamin D defficiency is known to cause mood disorder. Luckily, vitamin D can be obtained through fatty fish, like herring or tuna, and also through enriched drinks, like soy milk or OJ. There are also vitamin D supplements, which I would recommend to folks in a cloudy environment.

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    Consistent rain makes people depressed because when weather is usually cold, some environment have awful odour, and reduces outdoor activities

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