Why does our planet spin?



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    Basically, the gravitational pull of the Earth coming together from different particles millions of years ago produced a spinning motion.  Because space is a vacuum, there’s been nothing to halt the spin.  However, the gravitational pull of the moon on our Earth has actually slowed it down a bit.

    The first minute of the video below explains why the Earth spins, and the second minute explains how the moon has affected the speed of the Earth’s rotation.

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    It’s kind of complicated and I don’t completely understand it, but it seems that the planet originally started its spin and rotation due to what caused its creation- bombardment of particles ranging in size from that of dust to the size of Mars. As these particles hit the Earth, it created the planet that we have today. But this bombardment also gave the Earth it’s initial spin and angular momentum. The rotation and spin that we have today is a result of the law of conservation of angular momentum, which states that unless Earth’s momentum is transferred somewhere else, it will continue spinning.

    Today, we are spinning slower than before because part of Earth’s momentum was transferred to the moon. The gravity of the moon as well as the tides it cause is slowly causing our planets rotation and spin to slow down, but at a very slow rate.

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