Why does my cat have so much energy at night?



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    Some cats by their very nature are nocturnal beings. While this may play a small role, I am inclined to believe it has much more to do with you being home at night. Cats – pets in general really – have all the time in the world, namely the work-day hours, to do as they please including sleep. But who wouldn’t want to be awake when there is someone around to play with or give you a good rub. They just happen to have the luxury of being able to stay up past our bedtimes because they usually have lot less to do than ourselves the next day.

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    Cats are typically left alone during the daytime hours (while their owners are at work). Therefore, their timing for seeking companionship is somewhat off. With no company throughout the day, cats often sleep and rest so when night-time rolls around, they are full of energy. It’s also important to remember that cats are naturally nocturnal animals, as they often hunt their prey at night when living in the wild.

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