Why does a mosquito bite itch so bad?



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    When a mosquito bites you, it leaves small amounts of saliva in the area that you were bitten. We have a slight allergic reaction to the saliva, so our bodies produce histamines. It is possible to build up a tolerance for mosquito bite saliva over time, and then bites will not swell or itch as much as they usually would. However, the itching response is usually a good thing because it indicates that we have been bitten and allows us to check for malaria or west nile virus if those diseases are present in the area.

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    Mosquito bites itch because the insect injects its saliva into the body, and it is this saliva that produces an itching reaction in many. What is interesting, however, is that people can become immune to the itching reaction after they have been bitten several times. This means that a mosquito bite will produce no itch, unless that person has not been bitten for quite some time. It’s like giving yourself an allergy shot! (But you shouldn’t make an attempt to get bitten–mosquito bites can cause disease).

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