Why does mold need moisture to grow so quickly?



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    Most carbon-based life forms require water to grow. Water is used in almost all of the cellular functions. Thus, if there is no moisture, there is no water for the mold to use.

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    Mold thrives in a spot with moisture, but it actually needs four key ingredients to grow. 

    1. Mold spores: these are everywhere and there is almost no possible (or cost effective) way to get rid of them.
    2. Mold Food: any substance that contains carbon atoms is enough to fullfull this need.
    3. Appropriate Temperatures: most molds flourish in temperatures humans enjoy, they grow especially well in tropical temperatures.  It is not usually beneficial to attempt to control temperature to avoid mold.
    4. Considerable moisture (or “water activity”): “a material’s water activity is  equivalent to the relative humidity of the air that would be in equilibrium with the material at that material moisture content.”

    Things like small leaks, condensation, and water damage will promote mold growth. 

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    Mold is actually fungus, which means that it needs water to survive. As mentioned above, carbon-based organisms need water to grow and perform cellular functions. Water also has an insulating effect, creating warmer temperatures when there is a lot of water in the air, and warmer temperatures is also a factor in stimulating growth. Sunlight kills mold because of the UV radiation, so keeping a home illuminated with natural light is one way to keep it dry and mold-free.

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