Why does modern/green architecture make use of weird shapes and bright colors?



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    I suspect there are several reasons for this, but here are a couple that I think are likely reasons for green architecture to be different.  As far as modern architecture goes, and even modern anything, I think people like to experiment with new radical things to stand out from all that is out there.  As far as green architecture goes, I think it makes a statement to not only be functionally different by utilizing whatever green technology the building uses, but also to look different.  If you don’t turn someones head as they are walking down the street, they may never know the story behind your building.  By using modern architecture and being flashy, it raises green awareness about your building, and about being green in general.

    Hope this helps!

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    Modern “green” architecture most likely employs non -conventional shapes and design patterns because of the era of architecture we are in. The fabrication of these structures usually (but not always) do not change the eco rating of the  structure, it is the process of producing them as well as the various green active and passive heating, cooling and water gathering systems that are being implemented.

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    It’s a style, much like victorian homes are famous for the “gingerbread” looking homes. I think it goes back to Frank Lloyd Wright and wanting to incorporate elements of nature in design. These new shapes and colors are inspired by nature. Some of the odd shapes are also practical design elements that may help with passive heating/cooling, solar, lighting, etc. 

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