Why does Mazda use rotary engine technology?



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    Apart from being able to market a unique product not offered by many other automakers Mazda’s use of the rotary in it’s RX-8 sports car has some special features that sets it apart from standard piston-powered engines.  A rotary engine employs just a fraction of the parts in a standard piston engine, producing the same amount if not more horsepower per liter.  Another huge benefit is that the rotary is free of all the troubles caused by a seized piston, which could quickly lead to immediate engine failure.

    Here’s how it works:


    For example:

    Mazda’s RX-8 produces 232 horsepower from it’s tiny 1.3 liter engine, which breaks down to a ridiculous 178 hp per liter.  In theory if Chevrolet used a rotary for their 6 liter Corvette engine, the car would have a whopping 1,068 hp engine.


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