Why does lithium make such a good battery?



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    Lithium makes such a good battery because it make a great little package of energy and metal that is easily usable for many different sources.  The batteries are created by inserting electrically charged atoms (called ions) into lithium which is considered the lightest known metal that exists. 

    This process creates the best power/weight/density ratio that exists in batteries AND can be created for a somewhat reasonable cost.  This combo of power and weight and low cost make lithium batteries the rockstar of the battery community.  

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    The main reason that lithium-ion batteries are so popular is that lithium offers the combined advantages of being very light-weight and very reactive.  These properties combined translate to a relatively high energy density, compared to other types of batteries, such as nickel-cadmium or lead-acid.  A battery’s energy density is the amount of energy it can store compared to its weight.  While nickel-cadmium batteries typically hold about 65 Wh/kg, lithium-ion batteries can hold up to 150 Wh/kg.  This, of course, decreases the size necessary to power a device, making the device lighter and less bulky.

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