Why does it usually take something bad like this oil spill to get people excited about green energy?



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    Publicity is publicity, and bad publicity is often more interesting. It’s unfortunate that it takes a disastrous oil spill like the one in the Gulf to boost green energy interest, but the best we can do is to make that aspect of the spill a positive as we move forward.

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    It is inherent in human nature.  It takes a lesson to understand a warning.  This happens every day and in every way.  When we are young, it was “Don’t touch that, it’s hot” but you don’t really know it is hot until you touch it.  On a larger scale, there are innumerable warning signs of climate change, dwindling resources, environmental damage associated with drilling and obtaining resources, but it still takes catastrophe for us to understand it.

    Sad, but true.

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    It usually takes a huge event like this for people to start seeing and experiencing the effects of relying on fossil fuels. Before, environmentalism and green energy would be left to the “hippies,” while everyone else would be complacent in using convenient and cheap fossil fuels. Popular acceptance of global warming is starting to decline according to polls, and the effects of global warming aren’t apparent to the average individual.

    But, having an oil spill and seeing the effects it has on the wildlife and on the individuals in the area is usually enough to jolt people into recognition.

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