Why does it take so long for styrofoam to decompose?



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    Styrofoam is a synthetic material that has strong bonds and is resistant to degrading through sun exposure, heat or oxidation.  Since it is a synthetic plastic no other organisms have the required enzymes to digest it. 

    Styrofoam is increasingly accepted at recycling centers, so check often to find out if your neighborhood has begun to take styrofoams. 

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    Styrofoam does not dissolve and can last in landfills for more than 400 years before any changes in its physical makeup occur. “It is estimated that Styrofoam waste takes up 25 percent to 30 percent of all landfill space. The production of Styrofoam is also very harmful to the environment and our health.” The reason it’s so hard to decompose is that is is resistant to the sun and is so synthetic that is cannot easily be broken down. 

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