Why does it seem like we try and preserve some species so much more than others?



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    Preservation begins with need (usually), so one would hope the most endangered and threatened species would be the ones getting the most protection and press.  In the media and general population, it seems that larger mammals and “cute” animals, like pandas, dolphins, polar bears, whales, tigers all get a lot of attention because they are relatable, from Disney or some similar source.  I think people find it easy to get behind a cause like “Save the Polar Bears!” when it might not be as easy to try to save a bird species that will disappear due to deforestation.

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    One word: anthropomorphism.

    • Mammals will generally capture people’s attentions longer than non-mammals.
    • Significant land animals like turtles and lizards that resemble mammals
    • Any relative of a domesticated species like a mountain lion, bobcat, wolf, leopard, or fox
    • Any animal ever used in entertainment: elephant, lion, etc.
    • Any animal ever represented in traditional fiction or popular culture (cartoon characters, mascots, etc.): eagles, toucans, ducks, etc.


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