Why does it seem that we talk about environmental trends for a few months then they go away for a while?



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    I think that in the past couple of years it became “cool” for many people to go green. They began recycling because their friends did. They bought hybrid cars because they were new and had interesting colors. They redecorated their house with green products.

    This of course is not everyone, but a lot of people who maybe do not fully understand the importance of environmental conservation. Because these people are trend followers, an item is cool for a couple of months, it is bought and talked about, and then it fades into the background as a new product comes out.

    We can hope that most people truly do care about the environment and make choices that are good for the planet. Other people will make choices based on fads, but they will help the environment a little bit a long the way.

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    Environmentalism has recently gained widespread popularity and support.  New technology emerges every few months, so I don’t think it’s exactly that the ideas disappear, they are just overshadowed by new ones.  Hybrid cars were the rage, and now electric cars have been introduced.  Reusable grocery bags were introduced, and are still widely used, everyone is just used to them.  With the growing need for cutbacks on emissions and resource consumption, there are so many people with so many ideas, it’s just hard to keep up with what new technology is considered the most efficient.

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    Unfortunately, being green is becoming more like fashion than something of great necessity and importance. All of this “green is the new black” messages you hear in the media still drives consumerism and a wasteful society. Buy organic, drive a hybrid, buy the greenest TV, wear fair trade, etc… True, using green products is good for the environment. It sucks that the green movement is a driver for more businesses, not changing the fundamental ways of our lifestyles. Like fashion, these trends comes and go because a product doesn’t last forever. There are always new and better products coming out, so the green trends don’t last. 

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