Why does it seem like we are always so quick to help other nations like Haiti and Chile but it takes us a while to help our own disasters?



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    This is my opinion and I hope more people add on to this discussion,

    We Americans often like to think of ourselves as a very philanthropic nation; helping those in need that we feel sorry for. As someone had once put it–we are the pity committee. While on the other hand, we consider ourselves as a self-sufficient, capable, and far superior society.

    So when we have disasters strike Haiti, we the pity committee, instantly pull out our check books and donate large sums. However, when we have a disaster like Katrina hit our borders, we assume it will be taken care of and more than capable of pulling out on our own because we are a far more advanced and superior nation. This does not say that there is no support; there is. But the simple fact is, we donate far less to ourselves than to other nations.

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