Why does it seem that the UK has a lot more electric cars than we do?



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    This is so for a number of reasons, not the least of which is they do. They have been much more involved in the electric car business than oil-laden America. They also want them more, “Nearly three-quarters of British motorists would consider driving an electric car, a survey has found.” They are also willing to accept things that would likely not be acceptable to the American market: “Current electric vehicles available in the UK tend to be smaller 2 seater cars which are smaller and therefore lighter however a number of 4 seat cars are planned. A range of 40 to 100 miles is achievable with top speeds from 25 to 45 mph.” Furthermore quite simply there is a reason we see the Europeans as progressive, because in general they are more so than us Americans. For instance, “Many countries and cities are beginning to penalise gas guzzlers and incentivise electric car owners. London’s congestion charges don’t apply to electric vehicles, while Norway gives electric cars access to the public transport lanes, free parking, and toll-free driving. Italy has actively restricted use of petrol cars in some city centres while electric cars have free access. Even America, home of oil and the SUV has tax incentives for manufacturing and owning electric cars” (http://www.electriccarsite.co.uk/electric-car-politics).

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