Why does it seem people who live in beautiful places (like Alaska) are not environmentalists?



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    Sometimes people do take the environment for granted, though this is certainly not limited to people who are always surrounded by it.  I’m from Colorado, where water is scarce and we are taught to preserve it by keeping faucets off as much as possible and take very quick showers, etc.  I’ve known people who live near water who do not make these efforts, not because they don’t care about efficiency, but because water seems so plentiful and always around them.  Of course, when you think about it, it is better to be efficient regardless of the present water-supply, but perception of the environment’s vastness and how one is educated and perceives it greatly affects how one interacts with it.

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    Having lived in the city and in rural Arizona, I think partly it’s just that when we live in the city we get to see only the nice face of nature. In the city, Nature is a place of beauty and wholesomeness. When Nature comes tromping into your yard and wrecks stuff, or threatens your life on a semi-regular basis, you tend to have more mixed/negative feelings about it.

    For example, when we live away from wolves we know they’re a key predator in western ecosystems, an important biological heritage to be preserved, and a powerful tool in rangeland management. When you’re a rancher who has cattle, even if mostly wolves just eat downed carcasses killed by something else, you see them as dangerous menaces who can destroy thousands of dollars of your property in a night and would probably have no qualms about ripping you open like a meat pinata and chewing on your guts if given the opportunity. As a result, who’s going to take the environmental stance of preservation, and who’s going to take the kill-them-all stance?

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    I think it all depends on the person. I am sure there are people who live in beautiful places, like Alaska, who do take care of the environment and consider themselves to be environmentalists. On the other hand, like others have mentioned, people who live in such places may take it for granted because they are so used to living there. 

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