Why does it seem like people care more about polar bears than walruses, and all the other ice-living creatures?



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    There could be several reasons for the amount of attention given to the extinction of polar bears over other animals. For one, polar bears were the first animal to become endangered as a direct result of global warming. Because of their popular portrayal in popular culture (think Coca Cola commercial), polar bears are considered to be adorable and endearing animals. Heartbreakingly, their habitat is quickly dwindling and they are unable to survive in these rapidly rising temperatures. Polar bears desperately need cold, snow, and ice to survive. Walruses, on the other hand, have not received much publicity about their endangerment. Perhaps they are not as endearing as the polar bears, a fact that is perpetuated by the fact that their main enemy is the gun: they are frequently hunted by Eskimos and cannot replace their population quickly enough due to slow breeding habits.

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    I think the most has been done visually with the decline of polar bear habitats. There are a number of images that pop up right away when thinking about how climate change has affected polar bears (i.e. the lone polar bear floating on a small block of ice). I don’t think the destruction of the habitats of other species is illustrated and popularized in the same way as that of the polar bear. 

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