Why does it seem like finding solutions to environmental problems is so complicated?



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    If it were easy to solve these problems, we probably wouldn’t have so much fuss about them. Someone would have quietly taken care of them, and it wouldn’t be a national and international issue. The problem with environmentalism is that it forces costs up. Transitioning away from polluting and wasteful processes in industry and our lifestyles requires us to force up costs artificially. No one person/country/firm is willing to do so because that would put them at a disadvantage economically to all others. There are simply too many players in the problem, which makes coordinated efforts and the trust required for them difficult.

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    The environment itself is extraordinarily complicated, no matter which specific environment you are talking about. Ecology is rarely simple, with so many species interacting with each other on so many levels. Climate scientists that study the atmosphere are still unable to fully accurately predict next week’s weather. When you are talking about the biggest environmental problem of today – global warming – I think the reason we are having trouble finding solutions is a matter of money. It is expensive to curtail emissions, and this is why it has been so hard to change things. This goes for most other environmental problems as well. Wherever there is money involved, things get complicated.

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    One problem is logistics.  Economists talk about “decoupling” because most of the world wants to continue to grow economies, but there is the perception that it is impossible to advance economically without harming the environment.  Decoupling is the idea that the environment and “progress” are on different tracks, and one can be manipulated without the disturbing the other.  Not all people buy this theory, though.

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    One good case and point of these three discussions above is the sad fate of the genius, Nikola Tesla.  Tesla moved from Croatia to America under Thomas Edison’s will and wing.  Edison charged Tesla with the task of putting in electric generators.  Mr. Edison thought it better to not pay Tesla what was promised to him for coming to America and working for his company.  This resulted in Tesla moving to Westinghouse.

    Tesla’s ideas were absolutely genius.  That man was responsible for Radio, Two-Way communications (which were adapted to cellular phones), spark plugs, his famous Tesla Coil, and many other inventions that we all take for granted.

    Nikola once held a convention, where he stated that electricity does not need to be generated by the archaic means that we still use to-day; that it could just be pulled out of the sky itself.  Capitalists immediately opted away from the idea, not supporting Tesla for the sole purpose of economic value.  If every household could just pull electricity out of the air, then no one would need to depend upon companies for their energy.  The world, however, would be such a better place today if investors didn’t just look at a profit margin, and looked at the good of humanity.  Capitalists and environmentalists fight in a tug-o-war non-stop over this matter.

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