Why does it seem like certain regions are more environmentally conscious than others?



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    I would posit that it’s mostly political culture. Political groups tend to lump together in certain regions (arguably due to the region’s geographical effect on culture, but that’s highly debatable), and it stands to reason that green political views are lumped together in the same way. As a result, you end up with pockets of people that are more environmentally conscious than the average person in another area. That doesn’t mean that a region unilaterally determines the environmentalism of a given person, but you might find that certain regions have a greater comparative percentage of environmentalists as a result.

    On the global level, different countries have different agendas and cultures, and those influence the general policy of a given state.

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    As a Californian, it seems that our state has embraced the environmentalism movement from the get go, which has led to an aggressive fight against climate change. Although we have a Republican governor, the state legislature and the residents are majority Democrat, which has assisted with the passing of many environmental bills. The attached article outlines the California environmental history, including several reason why this state has achieved such environmental success. Reasons include the fact that California has high levels of air pollution, which affect the regions and make the residents more environmentally conscious.

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    The democratic party states seem to be more environmentally involved over states that claim to conservative standards. The west coast is a liberal region which has more concerns about the environment we live in. The republican party is a traditional group who has their focus on other issues.

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