Why does it seem like the Asian countries are destroying the populations of endangered species the most?



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    I don’t think this is necessarily true.  As Americans we take part in over fishing salmon, we helped drive the wolves, eagles and perigrine falcons to near extinction.  It might seem this way because most of the animals people really want to save, the really cuddly looking ones (like panda bears), or the cool looking ones (like tigers), reside in Asia.  As kids we all wanted to see the exotic animals at the zoo, and most of those animals came from places like the rainforest, Africa and Asia.  The truth of the matter is that, panda bears make better conservation posters than things like the Carolina Heelsplitter (a clam), one of many plants and animals listed as endangered in the US.

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    It also comes down to an issue of enforcement.  In America, we are very lucky to have the right to information.  A lot of other countries do not have such established rights, so a lot of things go unnoticed.  Sometimes the awareness of such occurrings (continued decline of endangered species) will prompt activists to demand resolve. 

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