Why does humidity make your hair poofy?



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    When it’s humid, the water particles in the air tend to be absorbed into your hair. The humidity breaks down hydrogen bonds causing hair to revert back and become poofy. This is why products that prevent your hair from being poofy in humidity contain silicone which coats the hair so that the water particles cannot be absorbed into it. 

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    Hair is very susceptible to slight changes in the atmosphere. It leads to dried out frizzy hair as the  water evaporates from it. The moisture causes hair to expand. As this happens, they lose their shape and becomes twisted.

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    Hair is made up of proteins called cytokeratins that are joined together by sulfur and hydrogen bonds. While the sulfur bonds are pretty much permanent, hydrogen bonds re easy to break and alter.

    On days with high levels of humidity, the water vapors in the air react to hydrogen bonds in individual strands of hair. The water breaks and alters these bonds which can change the shape of one’s hair. The way humidity affects hair depends on the hair type of the individual.  This is why some people’s hair becomes curly or “poofy” (like yours) while other people’s hair becomes straight and limp.

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