Why does a humidifier help you if you are sick?



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    The National Institutes of Health recommends the use of humidifiers when one is sick because it is proven to relieve congestion from the common cold and types of flu. The way humidfiers work is that they add moisture to the air which will in turn moistens your skin and your nasal passages and thin out some of the mucus in your sinus passages. This makes it easier to breathe and for the mucus to come out of your system.

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    It looks like a topic of debate.  Humidifiers are well known for bringing more moisture to the air, and in some cases that can be beneficial for plants, furniture and comfortable breathing.  But studies are finding that when humidifiers aren’t cleaned properly and routinely, they grow micro-organisms that can actually be damaging to health.  A NY times article actually said the following about health and humidifiers: 


    “Experts say there are no health reasons to use humidifiers. The nasal and oral passages are the body’s natural humidifiers, and air reaching the lungs is thus always moistened to some degree.”


    When you’re sick, dry or cold air can contribute to a level of discomfort you’re already experiencing. Humidifiers create warmer, moist air that feels better on nose and throat, so it feels soothing.

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