Why does gum take so long to decompose?



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    I’m sure if you mean in your body or on the street – but if it’s the latter, it doesn’t decompose at all! Commercial brands of chewing gum are not biodegradable. This is because most gum is made by combining sugars, coloring and flavours (the parts that dissolve away) to a non-organic base (the part we chew), often made of rubber, wax or plastic. This base is like any other non-biodegradable substance. 

    However, before eschew your chewing gum in horror, there are a lot of organic or all-natural gum products out there (see the second link below).

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    Gum is made up of essentially non-biodegradable materials, including plasticizers, resins, and elastomers. Artificial and heavily processed materials take forever to break down because the stuff they are made of are far from their original, natural state.

    However, there is a new brand of gum called Chicza which, once spit out, turns to powder in under 2 months. Forty percent of it is made of organic materials, and in this context I mean organic in the sense of something that is unprocessed, not in the sense of pesticide free. Regular gum is made of only 5-7% organic materials.

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