Why does Glenn Beck oppose environmentalists?



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    Beck’s message is that all environmentalists are extreme radicals that want to violently persecute anyone that disagrees with global warming and/or the necessity of acting quickly to save our planet.  He’s pushed the ‘global warming is a hoax’ issue pretty far to date, but his actual issue with environmentalists themselves is basically fearing that they are secretly conspiring to initiate a socialist agenda.  Check out the link below for one of his very serious warnings against environmentalists.

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    I think for Glenn Beck environmentalism really comes down to a political, social, and cultural battle between the right and the left, and he’s right! To him, the issues culminate in a battle between conservatives and “progressives”. He thinks that global warming discussions amount to scare-mongering for political power on the part of liberals. He warns that environmentalists are so extreme that they seem to want to execute those who disagree with them (some such environmentalists have made statements to that effect). I think what Glenn Beck is doing is creating his own “scare-mongering” response. On both sides of the issue, the claims are extreme, and I think this simply comes down to the fact that the issue will re-balance political power in favor of liberals. Sorry Glenn! Glenn Beck’s insanity is a response to the fact that progressive politics are taking over in the U.S.

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