Why does Fox news provide skeptical coverage about climate change?



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    Fox News demographic on the political spectrum are right to far right political conservatives who as a group question climate change and steps taken by the government to combat climate change because of its perceived hinderance to the business community in the United States.

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    Because they perceive the left-biased mainstream media of having a long history of catering to overly alarmist environmental groups.  They remember the big scare about “global cooling” in the 1970’s, for example.  In their minds, if it weren’t for their diligent championing of the other sides of these issues, nobody today would even recognize that some aspect of climate change is most likely due to a natural cycle, for example.  They’re not against the environment.  They’re just looking to be as soberly, even miserly, conservative as possible about dealing with it.  They may eventually retreat from many of their positions as new evidence makes it harder to defend them.  But they always remain vigilant as the “rear guard”, ever skeptical about any environmental call-to-action.

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