Why does fertilizer grow larger plants faster?



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    Plants, like all other living things requires energy and nutrients to grow. For animals, they eat food whether it is plants or each other, to gain those things. For plants, however, they gain their energy through photosynthesis, which is basically nature’s form of solar power, and by absorbing nutrients and water from the ground through their roots. Fertilizer is choke full of nutrients that plants need so by sprinkiling plants with fertilizer, it has more nutrients to draw from, and hence why they grow better.

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    Fertilizers have the ability to add nutrients to the soil. For example, a plant that needs a lot of nitrogen will use a nitrogen based fertilizer. However, it is important to note that excessive fertilizer use is a HUGE problem. Fertilizers contain lots of chemicals (miners use many of the same chemicals for blasting) and these chemicals degrade soils and water. A big problem is when the rains come and collect the fertilizer in runoff and it accumulates in freshwater sources. When this happens, the excess nutrients cause a algae bloom, which syphons the oxygen out of the water killing other aquatic life. While fertilizers can help large plant grow faster, there are alternatives. Other plants planted near a crop can fix nitrogen in the soil naturally preventing the use of some fertilizers. Also, mulch, manure, and compost piles give natural nutrients to the soil. 

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