Why does every environmental issue seem to be left to citizens to do on their own?

Every time I learn about a new environmental issue, there’s never a large-scale plan of any sort in place to address it. It’s always assumed that each one of us will take it upon himself or herself to do something about it. So a small percentage of folks end up doing a lot, and most everyone else does little. Some habits catch on as fads for a while, but then often fade away or are replaced by something else.



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    I can’t provide any citation for this, it being a question dependant on opinion. Environmental issues are typically the responsibility of a select few because un-enviromental practices are

    a. profitable
    b. convenient

    This appears to be the pattern. Perhaps others could offer more insightful perspectives.


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    This will probably change somewhat as sustainability becomes an economic concern. For example, renewable energy projects are in the works all over the world including the U.S., they just take time and resources to come to fruition. As another example, recycling rates are strong because of a general need for income supplementation across the U.S. As far as serious environmental issues are concerned, much of the damage being done is by large corporations who find it cheaper to pollute the environment or overfish than to find sustainable ways to dispose and utilize resources. So when it comes to the biggest issues, the biggest necessity is in the area of regulating policies that protect ecological resources. 

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    And to be fair, there’s a bit of a catch-22 going on. If the government doesn’t step in and start laying down rules, the government is scolded for “not doing anything”. If they do institute bans, requirements, and the like, suddenly the government is “taking away freedoms” and is even worse.

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