Why does the electronics industry use so much packaging?



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    Mostly out of ignorance.  Before environmental awareness spread large-scale and the general public began asking for accountability, there was no reason for them to change their practices.  Now that environmental consultants abound and the public is louder, the idea of using less packaging is becoming widespread.  Businesses are realizing that most practices that are better for the environment are also better for the bottom line.  Dell is a perfect example of this.  They cut down on their packaging, switched a lot of it to sustainable materials including bamboo, and are saving a lot of money.  I think this is a trend we will see throughout the market in the coming years.  It will become not only trendy, but necessary to keep clientele satisfied.

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    A lot of packaging is used to protect the product in shipment. However companies are becoming aware of the waste and are changing how they package products. Apple is doing a great job of this. The link below provides pics of packaging over the years and how it has gotten smaller.

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