Why does eating make you tired?



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    If you are alergic to a food or it is high in sugar, it will cause you to get tired. Also, if you eat a huge meal, or eat “heavy” foods (such as fried foods) you will also get tired. If oyu eat a reasonably sized meal that is relatively healthy, you should not be getting tired after you eat (unless you do not get enough sleep to begin with, but thats a seperate issue)

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    Eating shouldn’t make you tired but eating too much will.  When we load our digestive system with more food then we need, our bodies automatically start drawing from other systems in the body to handle the load.  This means blood flow is redirected and unequally distributed to aid our stomachs, intestines, and colons until the food is processed.  This is often why you see big meat-eaters like lions and tigers napping because their bodies are designed to shut down for mass digestion sessions.  Humans on the other hand aren’t meant to stuff, sleep, repeat.  

    After reading the book, linked below I started thinking of my stomach as a pint size container.  If what is in front of me to eat can’t fit in a pint size container, a leave some on my plate, giving me the energy to keep moving.  

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