Why does the East Coast get more hurricanes than the west?



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    Water temperature plays an important role in the formation of hurricanes. Hurricanes do not usually form over water that is colder than 80 degrees F (or 26.5 degrees C). The Gulf Stream keeps the water along the East Coast warm (80 degrees F or more). The water on the West Coast usually does not go above the low 70s F even in the summer.

    Another reason why hurricanes are more common on the East Coast is because hurricanes tend to be carried toward the East Coast, whereas hurricanes tend to be carried away from the West Coast.

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    This is a result of wind currents. Hurricanes always develop slowly from the East and move West, thus hitting Eastern shore lines. These wind patterns are a result of the rotation of the Earth. A particularly hot and wet season in West Africa could mean a particularly rough hurricane season for the Eastern Americas.

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