Why does the earth lose heat?



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    I think I may need some clarification of the question so feel free to drop a comment on my answer and I’ll see if I can do any better.

    But if you are talking about losing heat to space, It is the nature of energy to spread uniformly, and due to the extremely low temperatures in space, it provides a relatively inexhaustible sink for heat energy. Earth actually does retain a great deal of the solar energy it is affronted with due to the atmosphere. In this case, gravity, which doesn’t (to my knowledge) have an actionable effect on free energy, condenses a layer of gaseous compounds around the Earth; these compounds are the infamous greenhouse gases – primarily CO2, Water Vapor, Methane.. etc. – and they have a high capacity to store thermal energy, without their presence the Earth would be considerably colder and life’s evolution would have been significantly different, if it even occurred.

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