Why does Dubai have so much money?



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    Dubai is situated in perfect position for a major port. In the later half of the 1900s, goods streaming from Europe, Asia, India, the Middle-East and Africa would frequently pass through the emirate, dumping untold wealth on the land. Companies within the emirate would distribute the goods around the world. Additionally, its western-friendly government has attracted many Western companies and organizations to pursue its strategic position in the heart of the globe. The Dubai Financial Market was also established in 2000, making it one of the largest economic trading cities in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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    While Dubai is very honest and blunt about its assets and existing debts, investors and analysts can only hope that the new properties and construction projects occurring in Dubai will exceed their costs, and actually find people willing to move in and use the property.  The worst that can happen is that these properties become ghost towns, much like some of China’s construction projects.

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