Why does Dubai get a pass for using so many resources?



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    Dubai is one of the states within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE has the 56th largest economy in the world, and they are a relatively tiny county. This means that they have much more money per capita to spend on their citizens and random tourist attractions. A good example is Dubai’s business of building custom made islands (see, The World).

    Simple put, Dubai/the UAE has a lot of money, and the world is primarily based on a Capitalist market. That means that whoever has the money, buys the goods, and does whatever they would like with them. In Dubai’s case, they use their oil windfall to buy building materials and hired help, and they turns them into architectural works of art and kingly 7-star hotels. (http://www.jumeirah.com/en/Hotels-and-Resorts/Destinations/Dubai/Burj-Al-Arab/)

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