Why does deodorant use Aluminum when they know it is harmful to the body?

just curious



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    It seems that all antiperspirants contain aluminum. Deodorants are different, they do not prevent you from sweating, instead they address the bacteria that results from sweating and produces an odor. Consumers still purchase loads of aluminum antiperspirant because it is tried and true. There are natural deodorants out there but not all work very well. Many consumers that decide to make the switch are faced with an embarrassing moment and hurry back to the tried and true antiperspirant. We live in a consumer driven society and as long as there is a strong demand for this product, it will continue to be offered.

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    Aluminum is used because it is effective and most consumers don’t seem to mind the links to Alzheimer’s and gland problems.  Most companies would be reluctant to change a winning formula without public outrcy.  The second link is a list of non-aluminum deodarants.

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