Why does the dairy industry get criticized about green house gas emissions?



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    The dairy industry used to be notorious for being a producer of greenhouse gases. At one point, it was shown that the industry was responsible for producing 4% of the world’s greenhouse gases. However, cutbacks on greenhouse gas production have occurred in the industry, and more recent studies have shown that they now only account for about 2% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Since 1944, it scientists have shown the industry’s carbon footprint has been reduced about 41%.

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    Cows produce methane biologically – it’s how their digestive system releases energy.  Part of this is released from the cow in gas form, and most is excreted as manure.  Manure is typically stored as ‘slurry’ and is responsible for a large percentage of the methane emitted by dairy farms.  Dairy farms have been experimenting with different dietary changes and manure management techniques to reduce the insane amount of methane produced by their farms.

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