Why does copper make such a good wire?



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    Copper makes such good wire because it is the most efficient conductor of electricity, the strongest and most reliable metal around today. It can also be the most economical metal over the life of the wire.

    Copper requires less insulation and smaller conduits, so more can be used in a given conduit compared to, for example, aluminium, which is also highly conductive, but far less efficient. Copper oxide also conducts electricity which means that connections and terminations do not overheat or require the use of oxide-inhibiting compounds. Its strength helps it to resist breaks, nicks or stretching, which maintains the current carrying capacity of the wire in an situation the wire is placed in. This also prevents waste in energy lost from the wire and possible dangerous overheating.

    Copper is also incredible easy to use because it is ductile making it easy to manipulate into whatever the wire is being used for.

    For more reasons why copper is such a great metal for wiring, please see the link below.

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