Why does coffee stunt your growth?



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    Coffee does NOT stunt your growth.  This is a myth that was started when coffee was believed to have an effect on osteoporosis, and subsequently lead to reduced bone mass.  But the research has proven to be unreliable and there is no real evidence that drinking coffee stunts your growth.

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    Contrary to popular belief, coffee does not stunt your growth and has actually been found to have no effect on height. At one point it was thought to be a cause of osteoporosis, or reduced bone mass, and therefore responsible for a shrinking population. However it was found that the studies were not completely accurate, and the control population was most likely not receiving enough calcium and replacing important milk with coffee drinks daily. Additionally, if coffee does offset calcium absorption in your body, the amount is minimal and can easily be taken care of. That being said, coffee consumption by children should be limited because of a number of other negative effects, but stunted growth is not one of them.

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