Why does China have such an appetite for endangered species?



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    Many endangered animals including tigers, rhinos, black bears, musk deers and seahorses are all greatly incorporated in Chinese medicine. The bones of tigers have been used in the production of wines, plasters, and medicines to treat arthritis and other joint ailments. Rhinos horns are incredibly popular and many times are poached only for its horn. Black bears are used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, including liver ailments and headaches. Musk deer can be found in several prescriptions and perfumes. The poor little seahorse, is used in the treatment of kidney ailments, circulatory problems, and impotence.


    Many of the other items such as, tiger penis and shark fins, are used for high society meals that are mainly more the rich and powerful, all contributing to the decreasing population of endangered animals around the world.

    Some more animals hunted for food are sea turtles, Chinese giant salamander, manatees and golden headed langurs (a class of monkeys)


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