why does the cartilage disappear in knees?



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    According to a National Institute of Health article, one of the causes is steroid injections into the joint. The Medical News suggests osteoarthritis as well as a number of rare hereditary conditions as possible causes or contributing factors.

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    Well, there are many different reasons that cause osteoarthritis, but essentially its wear and tear. Here is a couple of things that increase symptoms.

    Overweight individuals have more pressure on the joints, which may increase wear and tear.

    Contact sports increases joint breakdown.

    Getting older; its simple, the longer you live the more wear and tear your body recieves.

    Now some thingsto help reduce osteoarthritis is eating healthy. Do not neglect nutrition into your diet. Last but not leasst, strengthen your muscles. when your muscles are stronger it releives alot of responsibility from your joints, slowing down this wear and tear process.

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